ESB JPA (Enterprise Service Bus – Java/Javascript Process Automat)

ESB JPA (Enterprise Service Bus – Java Process Automat) is software to implement the core of integration platform to interconnect more heterogenous systems into one homogenous system.

This product is based on the JVM (Java 1.4 and higher) and can be integrated into the JBoss ESB.

An instance of the ESB JPA is defined by list of processes and scheduled tasks. Each process is defined by list of process flows to process data. Processes can run in parallel. Scheduled tasks are being executed at scheduled times. Processes and tasks are managed in the manager.

Core processes of the ESB JPA implement required business logic. Client applications access to the ESB JPA through standardized predefined interfaces that are called adaptors.

Process flows are defined as a hierarchical tree of plug-ins. The plugi-ns are components of defined type to process data by calling appropriate methods. The sequence of plug-ins can be changed on the basis of incoming data.

Main functionalities of the ESB JPA are to:

  • receive data from the input
  • transform data using predefined transformations
  • route data to target destinations
  • writes data to the output
  • aggregate data from more inputs
  • feed data to more outputs
  • provide tools for service orchestration
  • … and more

The ESB JPA can be administered locally, or remotely through its manager interface. Information about data can be written to logs (audits, statistical data).

Core functionalities of the ESB JPA can be integrated to the JBoss ESB using the appropriate plug-in.