Portfolio of Services

Integrators offers the following services in the field of system integration:

  • Building standardized bridges and standardized integration platforms
  • Independent reviews of exisiting solutions
  • Bodyshop/Outsourcing of ICT specialists
  • Training courses, workshops and consulations
  • Standardized testing of applications
  • Standardized support

In addition, Integrators offers more services:

  • Application development for frontends (web servers)
  • Application development for backend systems (CRM, ERP)
  • Standardized testing of applications and stardardized support for applications

The following support modes are offered:

  • 5×8 for non-critical applications
  • 7×24 for critical applications

Specific services can be discussed with us.

Our standardized services in details:

Implementations using Integrators products
Implementations using opensource products
Implementations using commercial products
Reviews of solutions
Bodyshop/Outsourcing of ICT specialists
Training courses, workshops, and consultations
Testing of applications
Support for critical or non-critical applications